Something French?

Double Digits, Double the Teams Announcements, Double the FUN! The Impostors continue their quest to talk about the massive list of recently announced updates to Teams and how those might impact the work we all do. With our 10th show, we run down Teams for your personal life, account switching, suggested replies, the reflect message extension, and some of the forthcoming devices for Teams. There are a lot of unknowns associated with some of these since they may not yet be released, but we let our imaginations run a little wild and rely on our experiences to envision how these new features will work in our day-to-day work lives. We're getting pretty good at this! Know what else we're getting better at?  Podcasting! Know what else we were already good at? Having beverages. We share some of what we're having, including a key-lime hazy ale and an old standby IPA. We also discover that when you put stuff in French bottles, the cost goes WAY up!
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