Laser What?!?

You want to do what? With a laser what? The Impostors are back talking about all things Teams, tech, and totally trivial. After a brief run in with what may or may not have been a militia, Jeremy found out that going out for a drink is more dangerous than ever. Then, we find out the skinny on how you can virtually attend an NBA game and, if you are lucky, sit two seats away from Shaq! Teams meetings are providing a great new virtual experience for fans who miss sports.  The technology just works and people are just using it!  But be aware - some features may not be a part of your licensing! The Impostors look at the Advanced Communications Add-On for Teams and has a little heartburn on the costs and the murky communications about what is included and what is an add-on cost. And don't get us started with nagifications!  We settle back down with our usual focus on some interesting beverages and learn that if you try to buy some of these limited release beers, you may get mustered out. Matt goes off the rails with one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer but manages to not sing (and there was much rejoicing). Still, things got a little awkward when the Impostors started talking about branding trinkets.
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