Florida Man

The Tech Impostors, just like everyone else these days, know how challenging work has become. The demands are crazy and we all feel the pressure. But what if it was up to you to keep a vital work event and tradition alive that had been going on for more than a century? What if, because of Covid-19, that event was in danger of becoming just a memory and missed opportunity for your organization? You step up! That is what you do! Or, you don’t mention anything about that historical significance to the event team (because, who needs that pressure!) and you just trust that they will come through. That is what our guests Joe Gasper and Dewayne Hyatt from the University of Florida did. Using Teams to create a premier virtual nation-wide conference for thousands of people, they tell us how they pulled this off for the National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA). In this episode, Jeremy (@millh0use) and Matt (@thevarnish) learn about their successes and the lessons they learned. We also knock back a few beverages with our awesome guests and find out that “Florida Man” doesn’t apply to everyone in Florida after all (thankfully).
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