Double and a Half

Whew!  What a year it has been! The Tech Impostors are back with their obligatory "End of Year Wrap-up/New Year Predictions" show, although this one is probably a lot different than the other shows you may have heard. For starters, while discussing how strange Matt’s dreams have become stranger through this very strange year, we learn that those strange visions may not have been alcohol induced after all.  We also learn that, as many of us can relate, remotely supporting Android tablets for your parents is not easy and is something you would not wish upon your worst enemies.  Jeremy spent too much time on this over the holiday break, earning his Tech Impostor credits for the year. Before we dive into some of last year’s highlights, we stumble upon a new and interesting way to describe a certain number of things. You’ll have to listen to find out what that is! Moving on, we reminisce about how the service and product announcements and updates, as well as their actual release and implementation cycles (much less their actual impact on users and productivity) didn’t always go as planned. Living in a partly cloudy world of uncertainty, fast-moving business requirements, and grandiose sounding product enhancement announcements is tough, but the Impostors are here to help you get through it!  We finish off the episode (and this year) with a toast to better days ahead and share some special holiday beverages to fuel us up for the challenges to come. Happy New Year from the Tech Impostors!  

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