Da Bears!

The Tech Impostors are back this time with another special guest, this time with Bryan Greenaway, Sr. Applications Engineer with the Chicago Bears! What is that you say? How does an NFL Football Team use Teams? While technology probably isn't the first word that comes to mind when you think about a football team, we find out and confirm that just about every organization on the planet is achieving more these days with technology. Either by design or by necessity, we are all doing things differently. Case in point - the 2020 NFL Draft. The NFL had to scramble and transform this huge and highly visible in-person event into a seamless virtual experience and everyone involved had to get up to speed very quickly. Teams proved to be a great platform for this high-profile event for a multi-billion-dollar industry and people like Brian, working in the trenches at each NFL team, helped make that possible. Additionally, again as with almost every organization in every industry, the day-to-day work and processes have been transformed. Brian shares some stories of that journey for the Bears with various business processes and the nearly 200 Power Platform solutions they've spun up to date, as well as introducing other technologies around Intune and AutoPilot. We commiserate with Brian on that journey, knowing that it is really just getting started for many of us. As usual, as we talk, we're enjoying some refreshing beverages. It was kind of like we were tailgating before the big game!
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