Bourbon Country

The Tech Impostors are back and are finally getting down to the heart of what really matters - Bourbon!

Jeremy (@millh0use) and Matt (@thevarnish) are joined by a special guest Matt Bishop, IT Manager from Four Roses Distillery and we learn more about our two favorite things: Technology and Beverages. 

After a brief story about how Jeremy nearly burns down his house and neighborhood, we get right into a super fascinating discussion with our guest on how Four Roses Bourbon is leveraging the services in M365 to maximize their business. Who knew that distilleries used this kind of technology? It really shouldn't come as a surprise, but it turns out Four Roses does and is doing it really well! We learn that, thanks to Matt and his team in the IT department, Four Roses was already on a solid path to digitally transform their operations before COVID-19 and since then, they have been able to pivot quickly and respond and grow to meet the demands.  (Spoiler alert: the demand for bourbon and other beverages has only increased of over the past 6 months, thanks to the stresses of this "new normal"). From Machine Learning apps in Azure, to the ATP and other security features in M365, to just a better handle on communications and collaboration through Teams, Four Roses is nailing it!

Tasting Notes for Four Roses

Distillery: Four Roses Distillery
Appearance:  Small but mighty, with a broad application of M365 Services in play
Aroma: Balance of subtle fruit and spices, with a lingering sense of optimism and adventure. Positioned to succeed in the future.
Taste: Crisp fruit, caramel, vibrant spice. Inventive and pushing the boundaries of what a traditional distillery does, while keeping a sharp eye on security and operations.
Finish: Mellow, long and pleasant. This historic distillery will not only endure, it will thrive with an embrace of powerful cloud technologies.
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